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Timing is Everything – Story of the Song

August 20, 2017, KapEye, 1263 Views 0 Comments

Song: “Timing is Everything” Album: “Set My Soul Free”  Released: 2007 Label: Independent Universal Truths When I write songs I try to tell a story.  Some are about things I’ve experienced.  Some are about what I see others going through.  Some are just off the wall, trying to be funny.  I have been writing songs […]

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Set My Soul Free – The Story of the Song

July 30, 2017, KapEye, 1155 Views 0 Comments

Song: “Set My Soul Free” Album: “Set My Soul Free”  Released: 2007 Label: Independent My Most Requested Song and My Best Selling Album For 13 winter seasons I played Happy Hour at a Caribbean beach bar in Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands.  I wanted to write a song about all the great people I […]

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Ahoy KapEye Fans

May 29, 2017, KapEye, 1080 Views 0 Comments

I’m going to be trying something new.  I have 4 albums released…all with original songs.  Once a week I will post one of my songs on my website and on Facebook that you are free to share with your friends.  I will also include a back story to the song…how it came about, what motivated […]

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