Set My Soul Free – The Story of the Song

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Song: “Set My Soul Free”

Album: “Set My Soul Free” 

Released: 2007

Label: Independent

My Most Requested Song and My Best Selling Album

For 13 winter seasons I played Happy Hour at a Caribbean beach bar in Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands.  I wanted to write a song about all the great people I encountered there.  And I really wanted to make it special.  During one season, we had come back to the apartment after a Bomba’s Full Moon Party and while I was sleeping, I had this amazing dream, where the music and most of the lyrics came to me.  I said to myself, “I’ll write this down in the morning.”  My inner voice told me, in no uncertain terms, “Get up now and write it down or you’ll forget.”  So at 3:00 in the morning I did what I was told. 

This is the song I would end all my shows, with the audience getting involved. So, the title song, “Set My Soul Free”, is my most requested song and the title song of my best selling album.

Where to Listen

You can listen/purchase this song on iTunes and Google play and Spotify  Below are the links. 

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