Timing is Everything – Story of the Song

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Song: “Timing is Everything”

Album: “Set My Soul Free” 

Released: 2007

Label: Independent

Universal Truths

When I write songs I try to tell a story.  Some are about things I’ve experienced.  Some are about what I see others going through.  Some are just off the wall, trying to be funny.  I have been writing songs since my high school years.  And I have been going into recording studios since the early 70s, starting with small studios and working my way up to bigger ones.  I usually include some bit of advice to myself or to others.  As I looked back at my songs, I began to realize many universal truths have been included.

“Timing is Everything” is from my “Set My Soul Free” album.  The advice given is self-evident.  When an opportunity presents itself and feels right, don’t let fear hold you back from taking a chance.

While in Boston, we stayed with our friends, Ellie and Barry Feldman.  I hadn’t finished writing this song.  But, dream inspired, I got up early, went to the living room and finished it with Ellie and Barry listening, making this their favorite song.

Back in the studio, with my friend and producer Andy Wheeler, we began putting together instrumentation and beat.  It was just the two of us playing on this song.  Andy called the beat “Cowboy Reggae.”

This is the song I would end all my shows, with the audience getting involved. So, the title song, “Set My Soul Free”, is my most requested song and the title song of my best selling album.

Where to Listen

You can listen/purchase this song on iTunes and Google play and Spotify  Below are the links. 

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