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Ahoy KapEye Fans

May 29, 2017, KapEye, 101 Views 0 Comments

I’m going to be trying something new.  I have 4 albums released…all with original songs.  Once a week I will post one of my songs on my website and on Facebook that you are free to share with your friends.  I will also include a back story to the song…how it came about, what motivated […]

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Update—–Really—-A True Update

June 2, 2016, KapEye, 109 Views 0 Comments

My ankle…things are going really well and I hope to get this boot off in a couple of weeks.  My doc is being super careful so that nothing goes wrong.  I’m with her on this one. Since I’m not out performing for right now, I’m putting my efforts into marketing.  I am working  with a […]

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My Tunes Are Now On iTunes

November 30, 2014, KapEye, 171 Views 0 Comments

I have four albums with all original songs available to the public now on iTunes Semi Just Another Day in Paradise Set My Soul Free Halfway There Just search on iTunes kapeye Download individual songs or an entire album

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